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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

“In most gardens, the Tiger-lily said, they make the beds too soft-so that the flowers are always asleep.”

A classic, a favourite that is what the story of Alice is for many readers and non-readers. I had to read Alice her adventures for study this time, and I did not even mind it for a second. Today I share my thoughts about the story of Alice her adventures in Wonderland. If you are curious, scroll below and let the magic get into you again!

Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, a very beloved British children’s book by Lewis Carroll, published in 1865. A story with the most special tales and riddles. The story centres on Alice, a young girl who falls asleep and dreams that she follows a white rabbit down the rabbit hole. She goes on the wildest adventures in her dream, and she meets the most significant and strange creatures. A fun thing about all these creatures is that they size often. She meets the hookah-smoking Caterpillar, the Duchess, the Cheshire cat, and attends a pretty weird never to end tea party with the mad hatter and the March hare. But they are not the only creatures. She meets the Red Queen, the White Queen and of course, the Kings. After the queen, who demands everyone be beheaded, Alice awakes from her dream, and with that, the first book is to the end.

Alice Through the Looking Glass (part 2), the second part or second book of Alice, has the best dreams a girl can get. Alice is awake and is inside together with her cat Dinah and her two kittens. Kitty, a black baby cat, has been a bit naughty, and Alice gives some motherly advice to this kitten. Alice falls back to sleep again. This time not down the rabbit hole chasing the white rabbit, but into a room, behind a looking glass. All the weird creatures we met in the first part, we meet again. This time with the most important chess game. This time Alice wants to be a queen, a real queen. For she can be a real queen, she has to play the game a chess game. During her play, she meets old friends and gets to know the secrets of some new ones. When in the end, she finds out the truth about the Red Queen, Alice, wakes up from her dream again… and with that, Alice, her story has come to an end. 

Would you like an Adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?

It doesn’t matter how old you are, the adventures Alice will never get bored. The little riddles, the poems, the weird creatures, it will never get bored. I have enjoyed the adventures Alice so much. You get stuck into this book, and you feel like you are Alice and you want to be her! I want to sleep and meet the hatter, meet the White Queen, and I want to see a smoking caterpillar. This is just such a classic rea. II think almost everyone knows. And if you only watched the movies, please, please, I think you will love the book. Get your own special head in that one of Alice, and you will dream and dream and never want to wake up.

For me, where my first language is not English, and even that it is a children’s book, I had to think twice for sure some parts. Especially at the riddle parts. It is funny to see the difference in languages even more now. I wonder why it is that some reads are just so good and so magical.

For now, I am going to say goodbye to this most wonderful book, but I will return to Wonderland one day… 

Did you ever read Alice in Wonderland? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Lots of love

I have read Alice in Wonderland as a physical read. The book that I own is from the Barnes and Noble collection. With the original artworks. Here I have some extra information about Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll was an English writer of children’s fiction. He was noted for his facility with wordplay, logic and fantasy. Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was born on 27 January 1832, and has died on 14 January 1898)

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