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Always and forever Lara Jean – Jenny Han

Always and forever Lara Jean – Jenny Han

So, in one day the last movie of the To all the Boys series will be on Netflix. Just in time, I managed to finish the last book in the series. From the start, I was so interested in the Covey story. How would these three girls become, where would they go and what would they have achieved. The book series is out quite a while already, but today for the last time I will write about Lara Jean and her letters.

Let us start with the fact that I was so excited to read the final book. I am probably not the only one, but many times when I am at the last book of a series, I am stagnating. I am just not going to read the book, or it takes me ages. Why is that? Well, I think I don’t want the story to end.

In the last book of the series, Peter and Lara Jean are in their senior year. They have the plans already on the table. Together they will go to UVA, and they will be together all the time, Chriss will be abroad, but Lara will have Pammy and make many more new friends at UVA the place she belongs. Slowly all the letters come in for all the high-school kids. Peter is already in; he got a scholarship and was accepted early. Lara Jean is still waiting for her letter. When that letter comes, it is not the letters as she had planned. It is a “We are sad to inform you that”… kinda letter. She is devastated. So sad and what about the plans she and peter have.

The last book of the series is of course all about closure a story. For me, the story is not really a closure. I still have so many questions after I finished the last page, like so many questions. I did like the story, I have enjoyed myself while reading, but I wanted more, I needed more. For me overall, the first book was, for sure the best one. Everything is new, yes. But also the storyline itself was in my personal opinion so much better. Would I have missed it to read this story? Did there happen much? I had moments where my feelings got high and where I was like grrrr no please not I don’t want to cry. 

I am very looking forward to Friday when we all can see the last movie of these series. When I look at the trailer (I JUST DID), I see stuff I am like whooohh I wanted that in the book tho! Why was this book not 300+ pages longer and got all these extra goodies.

I wonder did you read the series already? Do you want to reread them maybe? And the most important question are you going to watch the movie Friday? I would love to know the answer. 

Have a wonderful day

Love Cindy 

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