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Part five of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

This series takes me. It is taking me to I don’t know where to. Last week I finished the fifth book of the six out of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. While writing my review I am still thinking Michael Scott you have done some good work. Man oh, man. If you are curious what my thoughts were or you have no idea about this series, read my review below and I hope you enjoy X.

In the series, in the fifth book, we go further with Josh and Sophie. they were always close, but now they could not be farther away from each other. They do not see things the same and they do trust other people around them. Different people. Where Josh is hanging on Virginia Dare and Dr Dee, is Sophie still with the Flamels. Nicholas is dying and Perenelle would do anything to save him even if it is just for one day.

Scatach is still on Danu Talis, together with Joan, Saint-Germain and Shakespeare they have to keep the history going so that the future will not change. In Danu Talis Scatach meets Prometheus her uncle, however, because they did go back in history, she knows him but not the other way around. Will, they succeed in their commitment to Abraham? 

We also get to know new Greek mythology creatures. Anubis, Osiris, Black Hawk, Isis, Osiris and a view more. One specific is very important in this book, Tsagaglalal. We already know her but by a different name. she has kept a big secret all those years and she still has them at the end of the book. 

Even that the book is coming to an end I find it so awesome to see and read that Michael Scott was able to make us known with many other and new creatures. I mean who would think that after the last book you got new creatures but also instruments. Also, there are a lot of plot twists in this book. Your eyes and mouth will go open, or well that it did with me. 

What are my thoughts?

I have enjoyed myself reading this book. It was finished in a few days because I just could not stop reading. The biggest thing where I can think about is the fact that the end of the book twists the whole story again and there is just one book more left to read so how will Michael Scott put all the information in that book. What I like is the fact that you know all or at least a lot of the Greek mythology creatures, but you don’t know them for real and after you read this series you will get the feeling that you do know them better because of all the information you got. 

I found it sad that Josh and Sophie are separated from each other. They get further from each other by the hour and it is not good for both of them. Tsagaglalal has a big role in this book and I quite like that. She is known by another name for Josh and Sophie, and the question is how will Josh react in the last book on this. For Sophie, many things do get a place in the book and especially at the end, but for Josh who was not there, he must be having so many questions.

From the beginning, I have the feeling that Josh is the one to destroy the world and Sophie to save it. But what if there is another solution. We will find out in the next and last book. 

Overall I have enjoyed this read and I will recommend it to everyone who likes some Greek mythology, a bit of fantasy and a good story line. I hope you have enjoyed this review. Have you read this series? Let me know in the comments. 

Have a lovely day X

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